My 6 weeks trial taking Anadrol and where to Buy Anadrol

Building Your Bench While Taking Anadrol

Many of us have heard of legal steroids and all of the hoopla regarding the legalities of these so called muscle enhancing drugs. As a 10 year professional body builder I would like to chime in on how Anadrol affected my body and my bench over a 6 week cycle. First off let me tell you that I did this for information purposes only to show the effects to anyone interested in trying this method.

Week 1:

My max bench this week was 365 pounds. I have been taking only protein shakes in the morning after workout and at night I take a Creatine supplement.  I would suggest charting your max bench after cycling off any other supplements you may be taking for a good benchmark. Today I started with 150/mg of Anadol after my workout.

Week 2:

I have been taking Anadrol and Creatine for the last 7 days. I have been experiencing normal acne breakouts on my back and a few on my face but nothing that is not manageable. My max bench this week is 365 pounds. I have seen a huge increase in the intensity of my workout. I have noticed I can pull more reps and am increasing in other areas such as squats and deadlifts.  No other side effects have been charted this week.

Week 3:

My max bench this week is 370 pounds. I feel that a 5 pound increase is a pretty substantial gain. Over the last week I have increased the amount of Anadrol to 150/mg in the morning and 150/mg after my workout followed by my Creatine and High Protein supplement s. After my workout I have been experiencing an extreme urge to vomit and am very nauseated for about two hours.  My wife had some promethazine from her pregnancy and I started taking that before I work out and that has cured my nausea.  I would suggest getting some prescribed if you intend on taking an Anabolic Steroid.

Week 4:

I have decided not to max out this week but work more on power exercises to break through my wall. I have been increasing my intensity and am eager to see what my gains are next week. The acne has not been getting any worse and some has subsided. I am now taking 150/mg before workout and 150/mg right after my workout followed by my other supplements listed above. I have noticed that I have shed a few pounds since I began this Anadrol trial. I will admit that before this I was skeptical of any Anabolic Steroids and would have never recommended them to anyone.

Week 5:

My max bench this week was 385 pounds. I was pretty shocked when my lifting partner put on an extra 15 pounds without my knowledge and I powered though it with ease. My nausea after my workouts has been pretty intense and I have had to increase the dose of promethazine. The last week of this trial I am going to try and up the intensity and the dosage to 200/mg before my workout and 200/mg after my workout.

Week 6:

My final bench for this 6 week test was 395 pounds. This last week I have been very irritable and nauseous though the day. I am glad that my trial with Anadrol is coming to an end however I feel that I would do another cycle in the near future. I have had very intense workout and can notice a difference in my muscle structure and body fat percentage. I would highly suggest that if you buy Anadrol that you do a 6 week cycle and then cycle off for a few weeks.